Not to be confused with Gendo's Glasses.

Gendo's broken glasses are a pair of muted gold, square-framed, top-rimmed glasses with corrective lenses. They are mainly worn by Ikari Gendo in Neon Genesis Evangelion.


This pair of glasses is notably broken during a flashback in Episode 5 of the TV series where Gendo saves Rei from her overheating entry plug. Rei keeps the glasses as a memento and becomes very protective of them. When Shinji later finds them in Rei's apartment, he tries them on briefly until Rei angrily takes them from him, causing him to trip and fall over on top of her.

Later, in The End of Evangelion, Rei shatters the already-cracked glasses, symbolizing her realization that Gendo, who she previously defended, is generally selfish, manipulative, and unkind.